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Monday, December 08, 2008

God Spelled Backwards

My younger son has been asking for a dog since before he could even say the word. I have been strong in my resistance. I like dogs and all -- grew up with a very sweet, very fluffy Samoyed (the white husky-type). But it was easy to say no when my boys were puppies themselves. I knew I would be the one taking care of the animal -- and, frankly, I had enough poop to look after. But now my boys are older and the dog conversation has resumed with gusto. The difference this time? I have moments when I think I might buckle. First sign things were changing? I started to have dreams in which I had a dog companion. In these dream, I would have a dog by my side, usually a fairly little guy -- and he would be my company. That is when the severe soft spot started to develop. The I started watching "It's Me or the Dog" on BBC America. The problem with watching it was that it started to convince me that most dogs are trainable -- and that even the weirdest dogs are lovable. So the foundation is crumbling and I need some advice: If you are a dog enthusiast -- tell me what kind to get. If you think I am a kook for even thinking about it -- remind me why it is a bad idea. I am counting on you.


At 12:55 PM, Blogger Copyrighted Material 2005 - 2008 said...

I have a dog I love dearly and I won't get rid of him but I will not get another.

I am the one taking of him, there are fur tumbleweeds all over the house, can't go anywhere with a great deal of planning, vet bills are worse than doctor bills...

Is that enough?

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Here I Stand said...

Just curious about how your son could "ask" for a dog before he could talk. MJ, are you guys telepathic-like? You can read each others minds? COOL!

OK, what I am thinking right now?

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Donn Coppens said...

Oh dear...what a conundrum.

Having recently discovered that Cats, unlike Dogs, have a much smaller frontal cortex, live in the now and are therefore much easier to contend with. That being said, Cats offer little in the way of sycophantic slobbering take-a-bullet-for-you loyalty, LOVE, and adoration.

A Dog's hard-wired pack status mentality demands that they engage in everything that their owners do.
Can you tell that I'm a Dog person?

Our littlest guy is 7 now and saw the movie BOLT last night..came home sobbing btw...he desperately wants a puppy. The main impedement is the fact that I held our dear Jack around the neck as the needle ended his pain ridden life when our Son was 6 months old.

During the last 6 1/2 years we have had our hands full and go out at the drop of a hat...but we're running out of excuses. Sure Dogs are a big responsibility and in my humble estimation 75% of the general population are unfit to own one but they are marvelous creatures.

I feel that our Dog-Free Days will soon be at an end. Our Jack was a 120 pound Wolf-like creature that valiantly guarded my good-lady-wife from anything resembling a teenager on strolls. Our next Dog sigh would prolly be a hypoallergenic Labra-Doodle or maybe a tad smaller would be nice to be able to lift it.

If I had my way I'd get an Irish Wolfhound..they are great with kids..but Big Dogs wear out faster (8 or 9 years) and those little usually but not always yappy guys easily reach their teens.

Look at your lifestyle to decide on the breed..are you active/sedentary/somewhere in between...Now I really want a puppy. It is essential to get your pooch comfortable around other dogs and people..obediance class is a must if you are not a natural born whisperer.

One last thing..we've created most of these breeds during the last several hundred years and genetically Purebreds are copies of copies of copies so the lowly Mutt/Heinz 57 actually has some very redeeming revitalized DNA.

Once your Dog understands their place in your pack they will relax and you can enjoy them.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Mutha said...

Oh Nessa -- exactly.

SC -- My son would toddle up to any dog, point to it and say, "Mine." When we would walk on from saying hello to a specific neighbor dog, he would start to cry and say more emphatically, "No! Mine!" Stupid parents. But the telepathic thing is also good. I encourage the notion in my children that I can read their minds. I get it right some of the time and it spooks them out. GOOD! And as for you....Let me see...Hey! That's too disturbing to repeat! Freak!

Donn: You are a saint to share all this. Yes, I am thinking small, nonshedding -- and also a mutt -- because some of the pure breeds are as screwy as squirrels and not nearly as smart. And, as Obama said, I am a mutt myself. Is pet health insurence a must?

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

Don't do it!!

Getting a dog is like having another kid. Except there's more work involved..unless you live on a farm or somewhere rural. We tried it a while back and I have to say fortunately my wife was allergic as hell so she (the dog!) only lasted about a month. It was pure torture while it lasted.

That being said, I too loved a dog once. But that was pre-kids...when things were alot less complicated :D

At 10:12 AM, Blogger FirstNations said...

don pretty much said what i would have said. i held my tater man while the vet helped him out. that line about 'giving your heart to a dog to tear' is true.

oh hell. a labradoodle is a great choice.they're non allergenic and don't have to be whapped upside the head to remind them to breathe, like a labby. go for it!!!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Mutha said...

Jeez Jackie! That's what I mean!Torture! My husband keeps looking at me and saying, "What the hell are you thinking?!"

FN!! I have missed you and welcome your return! How did I know you would be the "Go for it" girl? Fearless, I tells ya.


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