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Monday, December 19, 2005

I Ain't No Dog Tied to a Parked Car #3

This space is dedicated to the art and science of staying with another person in a romantic relationship over a period of time. A loooooong period of time.

In the pursuit of usable insight, let's look at famous married couples. No, not real ones. Those are few and too far between -- and lots of famous people are boring way down deep inside. I am talking instead about famous fictional couples. Grab your coat, we're off to the movies.

The Thin Man series, featuring the fabulous combo of William Powell and Myrna Loy, depicts a private detective married to a filthy rich heiress. In a nut shell, they travel around and crime finds them. They always solve the mystery and have a heck of a good time doing it. No one ever really gets hurt, although William Powell's character is usually in for a sock in the jaw now and again. But get this: they don't fight. Well, occasionally they disagree, but it is along the same lines as the rest of the dialogue -- fast, witty and always forgivable. So, what's their secret?

Simply put, they drink. A pitcher of martinis is always being stirred and whether they are in bathrobes or formal attire, everyone is ready for another.

Then, there is the dog, Aster. A childless couple, they are able to speak to one another through the dog when need be, focus attention on it when they would rather not dwell on the moment's unpleasantness, and when it's time to go, the little guy gets put on a leash or tucked under an arm. Perfection.

Drinking and dogs. It seems the stuff tailor made to be featured on that pet cop show on Animal Planet. And yet, God Bless them, they make it work. Let's not judge. Let's just learn.


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